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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yogurt & Pedialyte.....Pedialyte & Yogurt

Okay, so I put myself on a strict regimine of yogurt & pedialyte to neutralize the bugs in my belly and try to regain a good hydration/electrolyte balance. I think it's working. Felt okay this morning. Not great, but better than I have in a while. 14 hours of sleep last night and I'm sure I don't have a cold (yippee).

I didn't train yesterday (Tuesday), but I stopped by the Pilates Studio and registered for sessions beginning this Friday. I'm planning two, one-hour sessions a week (Monday & Thursday) and this will include both strength work (Pilates) and flexibility work (Gyrotonics). I think it would be good for me to have the structure of working with a trainer. I'll actually be working with two different women. One focuses on athletes. She's a competitive speed skater and works with lots of cyclists and triathletes. The second woman focuses on rehab. Of all the trainers, I thought this would be a good mix.

Today I was to complete 2.5 hours on the bike, primarily in zone 2, with 2 20-minute intervals at AT. Started out with the Wednesday morning ride group and felt incredibly strong. I was torn between my desire to go climb Page Mill and my knowledge that I'm still a bit under the weather. So, I did my zone 2 and my two efforts. Maintaining zone 2 was super-easy. I was actually having a challenge getting up into zone 2, but once my heart woke up, it was good. Started my first effort about 1:30 into the ride. Averaged 149 with 159 max for the entire 20 minute effort. Was having a hard time getting my HR up into zone 4 on the flats, but was able to do it on the rollers if I really pushed it. Recovered down to zone 2 for 10 minutes and then began my second effort. Just couldn't get my HR up for this one. Averaged 143 with 156 max for another 20 minutes. Not bad for my first real efforts, but I'm anxious to get my PowerTap so I can do power-based intervals instead of HR-based intervals.

Still not completely sure that I'm defining my zones the same way you do, Giana, especially after the discussion of trainining with power last week. If I think my AT is now 159, could you give me zones based on your methodology?

Oh, note on bike fit. My bike feels good again. I think I had my seatpost just a tad low in Spain. Isn't it amazing that a tiny little change can make a HUGE difference in comfort and performance? I may still swap out to a shorter stem, but I'm going to wait a week or so and see how I feel.

Ride Stats: 37.66 miles -- 2:24:48 -- 15.7mph average -- 30.7mph max

Oh, for tomorrow, you've got me down for a 90 minute ride but no other notes about it. What would you like me to do for those 90 minutes? Hope you're feeling better.



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