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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm leaving for Spain, when? I don't know how I'm going to get everything done before I leave.

First, the bad news. My FSA compact crank didn't arrive from Sinclair this morning. Not in a total panic since I got an octalink one directly from FSA, but I really, really want the Isis. So, now I'm two days behind on installing and testing it. That means we need to get it installed tomorrow, I need to do a ride, and then pack the bike. I was hoping to stay away from Summit tomorrow and just focus on tying up loose ends. Oh well. I guess the good news is that I've still got one day.....

So, today's program called for two rides -- 1.5 in the morning and 1.0 in the afternoon. Tight on time (as always), I only had an hour before I had to take Julie to the vet. Was supposed to focus on spinning and cadence (no HRM) so I hit the bay trail and spun 90+ rpms this morning. Same ride in the afternoon but tried to maintain 100+ rpms. Felt much faster this afternoon until I turned around into a HUGE headwind heading north (forgot about that afternoon headwind).

I'd left my Lemond at Summit yesterday so Josh could install my new cranks first thing, so I rode my Trek this morning. Argh! The fit just isn't right. My right quad/hip/glutes/piraformis are very tight. Could be a variety of things (the bike fit, the fact that I cleaned my right cleat and it's got more float, the different saddle on the Trek, and the fact that I just noticed it's tilted slightly left -- oops, the tiny little hamstring pull I got playing with Julie last week). Decided not to worry about it. But, when I got on the Lemond this afternoon, still had a bit of tension. No crisis yet.

Ride Stats (morning ride) -- 1:00:22 -- 16.7 miles -- 16.7mph avg -- 23.6mph max -- AVG HR = 124, MAX HR = 138.

Ride Stats (afternoon ride) -- 1:06:45 -- 18.2 miles -- 16.5mph avg -- 22.6mph max -- AVG HR = 132, MAX HR = 148.

BTW, I know Giana said no HR monitor. I wore it on my wrist and didn't look at it, but I like to keep stats just the same, especially since my HR seems so bizarre lately.

Oh, and while I'm on bizarre HR notes, my HR seemed pretty low this morning walking around the house (60bpm). I haven't monitored my resting, waking, sleeping, standing HR in a long time so maybe I'll see what my morning HR is just for kicks. Used to be 42-44 (pre-warfarin). In the fall (post-warfarin) it was always 48-54.



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