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Monday, March 15, 2004

Is Running Around Like a Chicken with Her Head Cut Off Considered Cross-Training?

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend. Lesson learned -- never plan two big events within 24 hours of each other. Anyways, back to the training.

Saturday, March 13th -- My training called for a three-hour steady ride in zones 2 & 3. Cathy Wong is back on the bike and we planned to ride together for about 1.5 hours (all she can ride right now). She'd planned a flat route so Pennie and I decided to ride down to Menlo Park to meet her, adding in a little bit of challenge by climbing Polhemus and riding the rollers on Alameda. In Menlo Park, we met up with Cathy and Kim Perez and did an hour and a half of pacelining on Foothill and Alameda. Was wonderful to ride with Cathy again, and the four of us had a great time. Kim returned to San Mateo with me, taking Alameda and then dropping down onto Old County in San Carlos to lower the intensity and cool-down.

Ride Stats -- 50.4 miles -- 3 hours 20 mins -- 15.2 mph average -- 35.1 max -- AVG HR = 133, MAX HR = 153.

Better attitude today. I know I'm on track with my training and just need to be patient. My legs are getting very muscular again, and although I'm not losing weight, my body comp is redistributing. My fat clothes are too big!

Saturday night was the annual Velo Girls Birthday Party. My big task for the day was putting together the member gift bags. The committee was wonderful, so I didn't have much to do. The party was a blast. I'm very proud of everything we've done in just two years. Didn't eat enough because I was busy, busy, busy chatting it up with all the guests. Home and in bed by 10:30pm.

Sunday, March 14th -- The best laid plans......Up at 5:00am to finish up the final details for the track series finale. My plan was to meet Cayce at the track at 8:00am to go for a two hour ride before I had to prep the track. Well, somehow everything took much longer than it should have, and I finally made it to the track at 10:00am just in time to set up. Argh!

But, I had brought my road bike and my track bike, so I thought I'd be able to at least do the warm-up and drills with the women on the track. Didn't happen. And by the time we were finished with racing and the post-race BBQ, I was so tired and hungry that I didn't have the energy to ride my road bike either. But at least I was busy and active -- running around prepping, loading the car, working the track, lifting & carrying. I consider this cross-training, although I would've rather been riding my bike.

By the time I got home at 5:00pm and unloaded the car, the weekend caught up with me. My short nap turned into 4 hours and at 9:00pm I decided just to go to bed. Slept until the alarm went off at 5:00am and decided to let myself sleep in since this will be the last chance I have to do that for a long time.

Sleep stats -- 13.5 hours!!!

Monday, March 15th A bit fatigued today. I know I didn't eat enough either Saturday or Sunday and all the build-up to the party and the track series finale, along with all the physical work have left me a bit tired and achy. I really want to get on the bike for a short spin, but today's supposed to be a day off.

Working at the shop today, then I need to focus on tying up loose ends tonight and tomorrow and packing for Spain.


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