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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

Okay, so here we go. I awoke very fatigued and a bit stressed since I'm way behind in my work, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel on the bike. But I was excited just the same. It's great for me to feel I have a purpose on the bike again and to be committed to focusing on my training.

Giana wanted me to do a 2 hour zone 2 ride today. I lead a ride on Wednesday mornings, and we typically do 3-4 hours, but the two women who were there are coaching clients of mine and were cool with doing a shorter ride.

I can't believe how incredible I felt on the bike today! My cardio finally seems to be returning. My HR isn't soaring out of control on rollers anymore. Makes me wonder how I would've done on the Headlands on Saturday if I'd actually had a warm-up (warm-up seems to be more important to me these days).

Anyways, we did the first half of our usual route, rolling down to Alpine Road in Portola Valley and I was feeling very strong & happy. Today was the first time I was able to climb that little stinker on Olive Hill without blowing up (yippee), and I was able to spin a good cadence (90+) on all the rollers and still keep my HR in zone 2.

Since I'm a bit faster than Joy & Winnie, I would ride ahead to keep my legs moving & HR in zone, and then double back.

When we got to Alpine Road (just over 60 minutes), I just wanted to keep going. So, I convinced Joy & Winnie that we should climb up Alpine. I've never climbed it before so I had no idea how long it was or where it led, but I was just feeling so darn good. So we did it! Turns out it's just about three miles and my guess is the first 2.5 or so is about a 3-5% grade with a little steeper grade at the end. I was able to spin in my middle ring until that last little section and still keep my HR down. What a beautiful, winding, green road -- complete with a babbling brook. Seems the preserve out there is a favorite dog place, so Julie and I will have to explore sometime.

Anyways, I can't remember feeling so good on the bike! Ride stats: 2 hours 33 minutes -- 36.63 miles -- 14.3 average -- 32.5 max -- 138 Average HR -- 166 Max HR.

I've thought for a while that my body has somehow changed in the past year and my AT seems to be higher. Giana emphasized the use of perceived exertion (I'm good with that) and I'd like to do an AT test on the CompuTrainer next week.

Oh, and I'm still having a little bit of lower back fatigue (not really pain) from the significant loss of hamstring flexibility. Giana thinks I should adjust my fit (shorter stem) rather than try to restore my flexibility.

I was also supposed to do 20-30 minutes of abs & core today. I HAVE NO ABS!!! Did 10 minutes and that was all I could do. I need to ask Giana about resistance training (I want to do it but she doesn't have it on my program at this point).

Oh, and Joy told me my face is looking thinner -- not all puffy as it has been looking. This was so good to hear, since I really don't think I look like myself when I'm this heavy.

Morning weight -- 164.5.

A little stressed about tomorrow. Need to fit in two hours, but I've got a vet appointment at 9:00, then off to Summit, and a client at 6:00. Guess it will be an early morning ride.


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