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Sunday, March 28, 2004

So, This is Jetlag...

All in all, I think I've managed the travel, hydrate, eat, don't get sick, adjust your time zones pretty darn well. Went to bed early and slept well last night, although I did wake up a few times. Finally woke at 6:15am and knew I had to get up. Waded through the volumes of email for a bit this morning and debated about whether to go on the club ride. Finally decided just to hit the bay trail for my recovery ride.

My body feels great. My legs actually have some snap and I'm very comfortable on the bike. My mind isn't quite there (I guess this is jetlag). Sat staring at the computer for a while and it was tough trying to focus at the race. I'm glad to be home and heading to bed shortly to get some sleep.

Ride Stats: Recovery Ride. My goal was to keep my HR in zone 2 and spin 95+ rpms. 16.9 miles -- 1:05:04 -- 15.6mph avg -- 23.1mph max -- 128 avg hr -- 155 max hr.

PS I decided to do one harder, standing burst to see if my HR would respond as a way to gauge my recovery. As you can see, it did respond (yippee).



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