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Thursday, March 04, 2004

I love my Lemond!

Well, I woke fatigued. This is nothing new. I used to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00am without the alarm, but for the past two weeks, I've been struggling to get up. The past two mornings, the alarm went off at 5:00 and I reset it to 6:00 and was still fatigued when I got up. Guess I really should see the doc. I don't think it's stress or depression -- just plain old fatigue.

Anyways, busy day ahead (work, vet, Summit, client) and wasn't sure when I could fit in a ride so I decided not to work at Summit today. Did a morning full of errands and was so tired that I came home and took a nap at 11:00! Woke just before 1:00 and really had to push myself to get out on the bike.

I'd decided to kill two birds with one stone. I needed to deliver a couple of CDs of photos for the birthday party to Heather Lilly in RWC, so I figured I could ride there. Supposed to do a two hour rolling zone 2, so I chose Polhemus, Alameda, Woodside for the ride south and returned via Woodside, Alameda, and then Old County. Not exactly rolling (a couple of pretty good climbs and also some city riding), but close enough that I could stay in zone 2 or low zone 3.

Decided to ride the Lemond today. Can't remember the last time I rode it (last fall?). Since I'm doing Land Park on Saturday and plan to ride the Lemond, I wanted to make sure it was in good working order and I felt comfortable on it and with the switch to campy (since my Trek has Shimano). I LOVE MY LEMOND! And I had no problem climbing with the double.

So, something's wrong with my Trek fit. My Lemond feels fine and there's no stress on my lower back. This is puzzling -- time to get out the tape measure. All I can think is that when Martin borrowed my Trek last fall, he did something to the fit that he didn't quite switch back, because it's definitely off.

Anyways, felt great on the bike and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's ride. I'm supposed to do 90 minutes zone 2/3 so I'm actually going to hit the bay trail, try to stay in the drops for most of the ride (to simulate the following day's crit) and enjoy the morning view over the bay.

Ride stats (because I'm a geek this way): 2 hours 12 minutes -- 30.3 miles -- 13.7 average -- 33.7 max -- average HR = 138 -- max HR = 162.

Today was my father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! Miss you.


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