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Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Toyz -- part two

Because I'm such a stud, I decided I wanted to build up a single-speed mtn bike. Actually, I just think there's something pure and simple about SS. So, in May, after thinking about it for a year or so, I finally ordered a Sycip. And Tuesday I got to pick it up. Happy birthday to me! It's pink and sparkly -- not sure about the blue logos, but if I accent it right with some pretty little blue bits here & there it will be schweet!

Now, I have to sell three or four bikes before I let myself build this one up, so I guess that's motivation to start selling.

Anyone need a 56cm cyclocross frame (I've got two), track bike (complete) or titanium road frame?


At 7/27/2006 12:39 PM, Blogger Johnny Sprocket said...

I love my single speed and race it early in the season. I also like the looks you get from other people. Some are envious and some are downright snobby.."no deraileur, no brain." Enjoy.

At 7/27/2006 2:55 PM, Blogger ginmtb said...

That's a beauty - I'm jealous. SSing is just so much fun (and painful at the same time).

At 7/28/2006 6:01 PM, Blogger X Bunny said...

that is so pretty!!!

i need to post a pic of my new cross frame but it just isn't nearly so cute

At 7/31/2006 10:32 PM, Blogger Dr. X said...

And hey, 56 cm 'cross frame?!?! Please e-mail me xeno AT csuhayward DOT edu


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