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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Today was a very good day

Monday, April 12th -- Day off but I did Pilates. Since the studio has a 48-hour cancellation policy, and I've already paid for ten sessions, I didn't want to cancel. Told the trainer what was going on with my back and we worked on some new exercises, however my back still hurt on Monday evening and Tuesday. I've cancelled my regular Monday/Thursday sessions for the next couple of weeks. Also decided I won't be working with my Monday instructor anymore (I don't think she knows what she's doing). However, I really, really like my Thursday instructor, so we're going to begin working together once a week on Tuesdays. Given my active race calendar for the next couple of weeks, I think Tuesday will be a good day.

Tuesday, April 13th -- Back was hurting me a lot (especially when I sit). Had a one-hour on-the-bike session with a client and decided not to try to do my own workout. Bought a heating pad and have also been using Icy-Hot on the area. Can't tell if it's piraformis or hamstring. Stretched for almost an hour and it felt much better.

Wednesday, April 14th -- Back pain was minimal when I woke up, but I'm still low energy in the mornings. I have a follow-up appointment with my endocrinologist next week, and I have a sinking feeling that the thyroid medication is causing the fatigue and diahrrea (however you spell it).

Did a pre-ride of the Wente Road Race course with Marja. Felt excellent. I think I'll actually do okay on this course. The only hill which will be challenging is the feedzone hill, which unfortunately is near the beginning of the race, so I'm sure it will blow the field apart. My climbing is good and my cardio is very strong. We did the first lap at a nice, easy pace and then picked up the intensity a bit for the second lap. Was good to go out and really learn the course. Marja doesn't descend as quickly as me, so I doubled back a few times to work on specific descents and corners again. We even decided to climb back up the long, technical descent to ride it again. There's one hairpin with icky ruts in the pavement where I just can't seem to keep my fingers off the brakes, but otherwise, my descending is really good.

I will say that my back was troubling me a bit so I got off the bike and stretched for a minute or so and then it felt fine. I'm hoping that backing off Pilates will solve this, but I'm going to make a chiro appointment for early next week just in case. I've never gone to a chiropractor, but I think it's time I solved this.

As I was riding, I kept thinking how damn hard Sea Otter will be, but I guess on the positive side, it will make Wente seem easy, right? And it will be good training.

Ride stats: 2:28:03 -- 33.8 miles -- 13.7mph avg -- 34.7mph max -- AVG HR = 131 -- MAX HR = 189 (I think this picked up Marja's HR -- the highest I saw was 163).


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