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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lessons in Motherhood

I've never wanted to be a mother. Even as a little girl, I never played with dolls. During my 20s I didn't have those clock-ticking urges that many of my friends did. And since my ability to bear children was taken away from me at the ripe old age of 31, I've never given motherhood a second thought. Don't get me wrong, I like kids, especially when they're someone else's.

But a couple of years ago I decided I wanted a little love in my life. After the death of my mother, I felt the need to extend my family. Since men are so much work, I decided I'd get a puppy. I adopted Julie in January 2004.

Julie's a pretty low maintenance dog, really. Yeah, she's a bit clingy, but that's because she's with me all the time. I work at home -- she's here. I work at the bike shop -- she goes with me. She loves being with me and I love being with her (most of the time). But she can stay at home alone for hours at a time, with the run of the house and the patio. She misses me, but she does just fine.

This afternoon as we were getting ready to go into the shop, I noticed she was making a funny chewing kinda sound. I assumed she got into something she shouldn't, so I tried to take it away from her, sweeping my finger in her mouth. Nothing there. Hmmm... Upon closer inspection, I noticed that she looked a little puffy around the muzzle (or is that nuzzle?). Not sure if she really looked swollen, I looked at some photos. Looking closer at her again, I realized she was all pink around the mouth. About that time, panic set in. A quick call to the vet and we're off to the clinic!

During the drive to the vet, Julie's making a funny noise, kinda grunting and snorting at me as she breathes. And her muzzle is getting bigger by the minute, until it's puffed up almost to the full size of her head! I'm worried that she might pass out or stop breathing on the drive to the vet. I try to keep it together emotionally (since I'm driving on 101), but started crying a little bit.

Once we arrive at the vet, Dani (our vet) tells me it's a bee sting and Julie is apparently allergic to bees. Several shots, a couple of prescriptions, and almost $200 later, we're on our way home.

I can't imagine being a mother and seeing your baby in pain. I'm not sure why I thought I'd be a good pet owner. I joke that I can't even keep a houseplant alive! But somehow, Julie and I have made it together for almost three years. Thank goodness she's okay -- I don't know what I'd do without her!

ps -- the pics are from January 16th, 2004 -- the day I brought her home (because puppy pics are so cute and I'm jealous of vb's new kitty and j/a's new puppy).


At 9/19/2006 7:01 AM, Blogger X Bunny said...

sounds like julie has a great mom

and she is waaaaay cute!

At 9/19/2006 7:46 AM, Blogger Flandria said...

she's very lucky to have such mum!

At 9/19/2006 8:51 AM, Blogger PAB said...

apparently you didn't see the memo:

no more cute puppy pictures! if she keeps looking at them, somebunny is going to lose control!

and we aren't set up for a puppy at the new house yet!


glad it was just a bee sting. need to teach her that bees aren't toys.

At 9/19/2006 9:05 AM, Blogger velogirl said...

I'm glad it was just a bee sting!!! I thought maybe some of my new plants were poisonous for dogs and she'd been chewing on them. Felt like a negligent mom.

At 9/19/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger marscat said...

i would have freaked.

our kitty got stuck beneath the attic floorboards...and was poking her paw out a crack and crying...had to rip the floorboard off.

At 9/19/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger velogirl said...

Marscat, that's so scary.

Julie's gotten herself into some sticky situations. She gets behind the bed sometimes (it's on the diagonal in the corner) and thinks she can't get out. Or behind the AC ducts at the bike shop. Or gets the ring on her collar stuck on the carpet.

Didn't VB just post a pic of Emma in a drawer?

At 9/19/2006 4:27 PM, Blogger jAndy donka-donk said...

I wonder if they make a small dog epi pen?

At 9/19/2006 4:42 PM, Blogger velogirl said...

I asked about that. Vet says they're dosed for adult humans so no good. But, she said a benedryl would work (liquid or tablet). Now that I've had to give Julie pills, I realize it's no picnic -- I'd probably go for the liquid.

At 9/20/2006 7:01 AM, Blogger X Bunny said...

why couldn't they give you a vial of epinephrine and teach you how to draw up an appropriately small dose for your little one?

it's just like drawing up insulin and giving a shot and that's something people do with their pets when they have diabetes

At 9/20/2006 8:26 AM, Blogger velogirl said...

XB, I don't know. Maybe I should get a second opinion? See, I'm not a smart mother -- I don't know these things!

But, I'm getting better at giving her the pills and she's back to normal.

At 9/20/2006 10:16 AM, Blogger jAndy donka-donk said...

tank would be all over the liquid benny, if I mix it in his piddle puddles it would be gone in two licks.....

At 9/20/2006 10:24 AM, Blogger velogirl said...

okay j/a, I'm curious about this. Is he drinking it in a stream right from the source? or is he peeing in his dish and then drinking it? or just lapping it up when he pees on the floor?


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