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Monday, September 11, 2006

"whatever position you're in.....

....BodyMint's always on top of it, freshening both your breath and your body at the same time. So whether you are shaking hands, locking lips, or nibbling toes, life is fun. Stop thinking dirty, start feeling clean day and night. Live it up, let loose, and love free!"

You find the craziest stuff at the Long's in my neighborhood. And sometimes I just can't help myself.

My latest find is BodyMint, which appears to be chlorophyll tablets (no mint) that you injest twice a day. Taken regularly, the creators claim that it makes your breath (and other bodily functions) sweet-smelling.

I had a boyfriend who swore he could tell you the dietary habits of others just by "tasting" them -- you know, who eats meat, who smokes, who drinks alcohol, who eats asparagus, who takes drugs. I'd have to agree. In my experience, some folks just taste sweeter than others. And some taste down-right bitter.

Hey, Lauren! Maybe this is the solution for your no-deodorant lifestyle.....apparently BodyMint was developed in Hawaii as an alternative to deodorant in the summer heat.


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