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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Riding on Bikes with Boys

I like boys. I miss riding with boys. Pre-Velo Girls, I never rode with girls at all. All my cycling friends were boys. Boys are different in a sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good kinda way.

I decided to head up to Golden Gate Park for John Funke's cyclocross ride/training race. I'd done the DFL races a couple of years ago and got a little frustrated riding with the boys (short course and getting lapped on lap two isn't fun). But tonight was fun. Silly thing is, I debated all morning about whether or not to go.

You see, I'm shy. Really, I am. I'm not one to go into a group on my own. When I first started riding, I had signed up to do the California AIDS Ride. Every week I'd RSVP to go on the training rides and then when the weekend came I'd chicken out. Sometimes I'd even show up at the meeting point but not go over to the group. That's how shy I am.

But, I want to do well in cross this season and I need the practice. So, I sucked it up, drove up to GGP, and smiled a fearless smile. I talked to strangers. And it was just fine. All the guys were cool and supportive and friendly.

There were about 25 guys there and 3 girls (me, a CAT1 road racer who's a former pro mtn biker, and a CAT3 road racer who's young and strong). And I did okay. And had fun. I'm strong right now but my skills need work. To put it all in perspective, I think my dirt skills are better this season since I've done so much mtn bike riding & racing this season, but my cross skills are a little dusty. And sand. Oh, I forgot about the sand at GGP. But did I mention I had fun?

So, if you're free next Wednesday, come out and ride some cross in GGP. And rumor has it the DFL races will start on September 13th.


At 8/31/2006 10:06 AM, Blogger marscat said...

I know exactly how you feel. I used to want to go to a "no drop" women's ride but chickened out again and again. I think I may
know the Cat1 rider if her name is Cheryl. She's very nice and will give good advice if you want it. I may show up one of these days
and try not to break my neck.

At 8/31/2006 10:57 AM, Blogger velogirl said...

Nope, not Cheryl. I actually know both the women (and have raced with them on the road). And they were both very nice.

Come on out! It's so much fun you won't feel the pain when you break your neck.

At 9/02/2006 8:13 PM, Blogger X Bunny said...


is better than deep gravel

a little


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