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Friday, August 11, 2006

Who knew?

Our travels today took us to Central Park -- one of Julie's favorite places to chase the squirrels. Central Park's an urban gem -- tennis courts, a fabulous Japanese Garden, an arboretum, children's playground, baseball diamond, lots of big historic trees, a little train that operates for tots to ride, and a big, spacious open field. I'm always amazed at how many random people are at the park during the workday -- shouldn't they be chained to a desk in some high-rise office building?

Anyways, today was filled with as much randomness as always. But, there were two things a bit more unusual that most days we've been there.

First, at one end of the field there's a stage erected, complete with stage lighting. Apparently The San Francisco Shakespeare Company presents free Shakespeare in the Park each summer and The Tempest is playing at Central Park this weekend -- how fun!

Second, a group of what appears to be teenagers huddled together in teen silliness, is gathered at the other end of the field. Upon further inspection, I see that it's actually a group of middle-aged women (and two token men) performing what must be Hawaiian story-telling. Very comical. Again, who are these people on a Friday morning?

Trivia for the day. My cycling friends probably don't know that my first career was in theatre. I have a BFA in theatre management and managed professional theatres all over the country for 13 years. I haven't decided which are more challenging -- athletes or actors.


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