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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Could somebody give me a new lung....

I'm puzzled. Okay, so here's the background.

I had exercise-induced asthma as a kid, but since I didn't really do anything athletic until my senior year in high school, it wasn't an issue. The doc gave me an inhaler.

I also had some allergies. My mother's medicine (PBZ) seemed to work for me, so the doc gave me a prescription.

I started smoking at age 21 so breathing was always an issue.

When I started riding and quit smoking, I didn't seem to have persistent breathing problems so I didn't bother talking to a doc about either allergies or asthma.

Flash back to March. Had the occassional feeling of possible allergies (tired, headache, wheezing). But nothing terrible. Then last Sunday in Bakersfield, I thought I was going to die. I couldn't expand my lungs or take a deep breath. I had been taking some Benedryl for potential allergic reactions to the Bakersfield flora & fauna.

Same situation yesterday.

Woke up this morning still wheezy. Didn't take anything (maybe I'm allergic to Benedryl?). Went on the ride, felt okay until I started climbing OLH. Couldn't breath and HR through the roof (consistently in the 160s and low 170s). Had to stop and catch my breath about a mile from the top.

So, what the heck is going on?

Do I have some type of respiratory bug? Since I didn't have problems during the week (just at the race last Sunday and again yesterday), this doesn't seem likely.

Have I acquired allergies? Again, no problems during the week. Then again, I don't ride as hard in training as I do in races.

Do I have exercise-induced asthma? Since I was still wheezy this morning when I woke up, I doubt that's it.

Not exactly sure what my next step should be. I'm not crazy about self-medicating, but I feel like I need something to help. Went to the drug store after my ride. Claritin is popular but I'm a bit reluctant because of the caution of interactions with thyroid. Bought a bronchial asthma inhaler. Took a couple of puffs about an hour ago and I'm still wheezy. Damn! All I have to say is my legs feel great and this sucks! Should I make an appointment with my GP? Or go directly to an allergist?

Anyways, had a good ride even if I thought I would die on OLH. Legs are damn strong and it felt great to do a longer ride. Thank you! Climbed Old La Honda and lots of other smaller climbs and rollers. This was a good solid ride.

Ride stats -- 4:57:05 -- 66.7 miles -- 13.6mph avg -- 38.6mph max -- AVG HR = 136 -- MAX HR = 173. Note about OLH: HR was consistently in the 160s and 170s (high zone 4 & zone 5). I'm usually able to spin up a climb in zone 2 or 3. Even though I was spinning nice & easy, my breathing screwed up my ride. Bummer.

Weekly Stats (May 24th - 30th)
-- 14:35:53 -- 199.75 miles -- 3 chiro appts, no massage, no pilates, one race (Monterey Circuit Race -- DNF).

Oh, and I realized I never blogged Kern County and last week's training.

Weekly Stats (May 17th - 23rd) -- 13:40:25 -- 200 miles -- 3 chiro appts, one massage, one pilates, four races (Kern County Women's Stage Race).


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