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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wednesday, May 5th

Hmmm. Still feeling down or slow or depressed. Resting HR is still low. But, I feel good on the bike.

Did a short, very easy ride this morning. Needed to make an appearance at the Wednesday morning club ride and ride with a client for a bit.

My calendar said to do the Wednesday night fast ride (yeah). By the time 4:00 rolled around I was cold and tired and not in the mood, so I drove out to Canada & 92 and rode around for a bit to warm-up (you know it's a serious ride when you warm up first). Rode really well, and was able to hang with the team until that stinker on Olive Hill when Kim & Susan dropped me (but I was ahead of the rest of the group). Hadn't done this ride in a month and I can definitely see improvement. Hard, hard, hard, and my hips and glutes were burning, but my HR was good.

Morning Ride Stats -- 1:08:05 -- 16.2 miles -- 14.4mph avg -- 25.6mph max

Evening Ride Stats -- 2:02:41 -- 34.5 miles -- 16.9mph avg -- 35.1mph max


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