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Friday, May 14, 2004

Time Trial Questions for Giana

Hi Giana! I've got a bunch of questions for you regarding time trialling. Here goes (in no specific order):

1. What gearing do you use to start? Assuming a standing start, is it my goal to be in the right gearing from the start or do I shift at some point?

2. From a standing start, do I start seated and power over the gear or standing to jump onto the gear?

3. Should I do the turn-around in the time trial bars? Weeee! I really like the tt bike and practiced turning and cornering the other night.

4. In a 10-mile tt, is there any need to drink? Do I mount a bottle or wear a camelbak under my skinsuit?

5. Since I don't have my PowerTap yet, do I base my pace on HR? How do I know what my target is?

6. I assume I want to keep a consistent pace throughout and possibly build for the second half, rather than start hard and blow. Right?

7. Should I do my warm-up on my tt bike or my road bike? Do you have a suggested warm-up we could use?


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