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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

LT Intervals

Tuesday, May 4th -- Looking back at my journal, I realize I've only really done one set of LT intervals since I began training with Giana in March. Anyways, my resting HR was incredibly low all day today (as was my energy). I know I didn't eat or hydrate properly yesterday and I've had a hard time sleeping the past week. I fall asleep super-early and then wake up a couple of hours later. I sleep a lot, but keep waking up through the night, so it doesn't seem very restful. So, this morning, my HR is 39. Thirty-fricking-nine! My waking HR is usually about 42-45 and I don't recall ever seeing a HR in the 30s. But then, the stranger thing is it's hovering in the 40s all day while I'm working. And I had too much coffee today!!! Maybe this is why I've felt so down -- my heart is too slow.

Anyways, had my coaching session with Canaan and spent about 30 minutes riding with him at a very low/moderate pace (for me) -- averaged just over 11mph. Decided to try the LT intervals at Pacific Shores Center (1.3 mile loop on the bay). Figured it would be one of the few places I could get a perfectly sustained effort for the intervals. Of course, there's wind, but since it's head, cross, tail, and cross, I figured it would all average out.

30 minute progressive warm-up, then I started my first interval. Felt good and a glance at my computer showed that I averaged over 20mph. I guess I could calculate watts since I know my pace, gearing, grade, weight, and an estimation of the wind. Nah! Too much work. Anyways, the effort felt good and I tried to keep it as steady as possible with the changing wind and one tight turn. AVG HR = 153, MAX HR = 161. Did a 10 minute recovery in zone 2 and then took five minutes to ramp back up a bit. Second effort also felt good although at this point I could tell that my poor nutrition/hydration from yesterday was affecting my training. AVG HR = 151, MAX HR = 159. Attempted a short sprint at the end just to see what I could do. Not much, but not terrible. Did another 15 minutes of cool-down then some cornering drills at Chesapeake Drive.

In comparison to my other LT Intervals (March), I was able to achieve and sustain a much higher, consistent HR. Progress.

Ride Stats: 2:02:48 -- 33.39 miles -- 16.4mph avg -- 28.1mph max
(these stats include 30 minutes with coaching client)


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