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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tuesday, Tuesday

I feel good today! Alert, rested, no back pain, legs feel fresh, mood is good. Anyways, based on your program changes, I did a short recovery-type ride today. 45 minutes on my own and then 60 minutes coaching Canaan (ten year old). During my first 45 minutes, everything on the right side of my body hurt (hip, butt, knee, foot, hand). Am I out of alignment? Actually, it's funny because I often feel out of sorts when I take a day off. Anyways, after I stopped to start working with Canaan, I felt great! When we were finished, ran into Dawn & Kim. Thought about riding to Woodside with them, but decided not to push it since I've got a big, important ride tomorrow.

Oh, there's a group ride on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (the T&T ride -- Tuesdays & Thursdays -- get it). Anyways, I think it would be a great, intense workout on Tuesdays when you think I'm ready to add something like that into my calendar. Almost always all guys, most of them racers, and it would be good training for me to push and work on that survival instinct (mental toughness) which I think is weak right now. I need to learn not to let myself get dropped and remove the expectation that I will get dropped. I'll never be a competitor if I can't get over it.

Ride Stats: 1:23:15 -- 20.01 miles -- 14.7mph avg -- 28.3mph max -- HR data from first 45 minutes (before I was coaching) -- AVG HR = 132 -- MAX HR = 154


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