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Friday, February 02, 2007

fun with photo booth

I'm loving my new macbook. yeah, I dumped all my files once. and my outlook is still on my old pc. and I still can't run the computrainer. but my macbook has lots of cool applications.

take photo booth for instance. there's a little tiny camera on my macbook and when you open photo booth you can take photos. you need good light because there's no flash, but the photo quality is actually pretty good. I will admit that it weirds me out a little because there's a slight time delay between your movement and the movement on the computer. my friend says if I get Skype we can make video calls.....we'll see if that ever happens.

but, photo booth is very entertaining. there are 18 different "effects" that you can use when shooting your photos. half of them are colorizing effects (sepia, black & white, x-ray, etc). but the other half are fun-house mirror effects.

and since I have nothing better to do with my life, I had a little fun. of course, I haven't figured out where my photo editing software is yet, so I couldn't make a collage like I wanted to. oh well.


At 2/02/2007 7:17 PM, Blogger velogirl said...

okay, breaking the comments rule.

the last shot is a totally gratuitous glam shot cause I think I looked good and wanted to share it! no special photo effects (except the push-up bra).

At 2/02/2007 9:05 PM, Blogger lauren said...


At 2/02/2007 11:17 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I agree. You do look good in that picture. :)

At 2/03/2007 6:26 AM, Blogger Flandria said...

you look hot, kiddo!

At 2/04/2007 9:15 AM, Blogger trac said...


At 2/06/2007 10:45 PM, Blogger Sweet Cheeks said...

I like the cleavage cam the best!

At 2/06/2007 10:46 PM, Blogger Sweet Cheeks said...

Oh, and I'm not gay for your love. But if I were, oh Baby!


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