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Monday, January 22, 2007

the stranger in the mirror

for years now, I haven't recognized the face in the mirror. somehow, I still envisioned myself the old "me," -- fit, thin, happy, attractive. I wouldn't let anyone take my photo anymore because I didn't want proof that I had changed.

but just this morning, I caught a glimpse of someone I used to know. there she was again and it's almost as if she was never gone. of course, the years of pain have left a few scars, but underneath the scars is an old familiar friend.


At 1/23/2007 10:24 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Awesome! Good for you velogirl.

At 1/24/2007 9:17 AM, Blogger chatterbox said...

I'm happy for you. It must be a relief to feel/look like yourself again. Nice to have the outside matching with the inside!


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