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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Career Change?

Bike Educator Needed in Hawaii
Enthusiastic and energetic bicyclists are wanted to teach the comprehensive BikeEd Hawaii, a program of the Hawaii Bicycling League, bike safety program to 4th graders at Oahu elementary schools. Start August 3 with two weeks of on the job training and then 10 months teaching as a member of a three person team. Total 30 hours weekly. Weekends and summers off. Call for more details, e-mail or fax a brief resume with references to: Chris Clark, Director, BikeEd & Events, Phone 808-735-5756, E-mail, Fax 808-735-7989.

Gee, I like kids (even 4th graders). And I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. Tempting......what's holding me here in the bay area? Well, I guess the five years I've been building my business. Dang, it's still tempting!


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