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Friday, June 23, 2006


I've had an overwhelming urge to just disappear lately. Nothing new. I've had this urge on & off throughout my life (even in childhood). It's one of the reasons I packed up lock, stock, and barrel and moved to California. But I'm getting restless again. The feeling comes and goes, but I find it coming more frequently of late.

I've been able to placate the urges by taking short trips and long adventures. I need a long adventure about now. My Rivendell sits by the livingroom window, longing to ride further than the bike shop, yearning for the day I load her up and we head out on the road again.....just her and me.

I've tossed around a few options but can't decide which to pursue. Come August, I'd like to just load the bike and ride south as far as I can for a couple of weeks. Mexico? Or maybe I should head north -- I've done south a handful of times. Or, there's a cross camp I want to do in MA in September. Maybe I should extend the trip, fly to NY and ride to MA. Or maybe I should just disappear.

Damn urges!


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