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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just One Mile

There's a fabulous little bike race on Sunday just a mile from my house. How lucky am I? No long commute to some far-off land at the butt-crack of dawn, no gas expense, no motels or bad food. One frigging mile from my house.

But I won't be racing on Sunday because the predominantly male club that promotes this race decided not to have a race for CAT4 women this year. Not that I'm bitter or anything, really. I mean if I really wanted to race it, I could race with the men, right?

As I rode home from the bike shop tonight, I stopped at the Post Office downtown, directly in the center of the course. I remembered the thrill of racing there in 2004 -- right in my neighborhood. It's a great course in a charming little downtown. All my neighbors and merchant friends were there cheering. Ah well......maybe I'll just go out and dive into those corners tonight after Starbuck's closes! Wanna come cheer for me?


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