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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Very Active Recovery

Thursday, April 29th -- Since I had the balls, I decided to join the guys tonight on the PV ride. Invited the team and Susan and Norma joined me. Since I've ridden with PV before, I knew it would be a race, but I just wanted to jump in while I was feeling courageous. Had planned to get there for about 30 minutes of warm-up (believe it or not, all the guys warm up for an hour or more before they come to the ride). When I arrived, Susan cornered me and made me change her flat so I missed my warm-up. Well, the ride started fast! With all my balls, I put myself at second wheel which was great until Scott (CyclePath owner) pulled off. The guy next to him didn't understand what was happening and everything got sloppy. That was the beginning of the end. After my pull, I jumped back in the middle of the pack because it was already stringing out a bit, but I was hurting and when we hit one of the longer, steeper rollers, I popped off the back. Made it to Edgewood.

Historical note. Two+ years ago when I first rode with PV on their Saturday ride, I made it to Edgewood the first week (and then flatted). Made it to Portola the second week, so we'll see how I do on Tuesday when I'm recovered and fresh and have a good warm-up.

Anyways, Norma popped off shortly after me so we rode together and eventually picked up Susan again. Although my legs were fatigued on the climbs, I felt good on the flats. My competitive edge got the better of me on Mtn Home. There's this great swoopy section that I just love and Susan and I were side by side, both pushing very hard to nose each other out. I just dug in from my glutes and kept going. Beat her over the bridge and sat up. She rolled up and said I got her. Wow! I beat Susan at a power sprint.

Like any good teammate, I let Susan and Norma drag my ass home. It was the best time I've had in the backseat since high school. Very nice recovery sitting in their sweet spot.

Put on my shorter/higher stem today. Felt good, but I've got a residual saddle "issue" from Saturday. I've welted where the seam of the chamois is. Thought I was just strange, even though I've never, ever in all my riding had anything like that happen. On the way back, Susan tells me she's done the exact same thing. I wonder if it's the new shorts? Needless to say, I've chafed the skin off this section of my butt with all the riding I've done this week, so I'm sitting on the bike a little "off" so it's hard to tell what's what as far as bike fit goes.

Anyways, looking forward to my long, hilly ride tomorrow.

Oh, and I did Pilates today. Worked with Jasmen and we talked a lot about my back and did some wonderful exercises and stretching. Back feels good today.

Ride stats -- 1:39:20 -- 28.34 miles -- 17.2mph avg -- 37.7mph max -- AVG HR = 127, MAX HR = 150.


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