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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I feel good!

Tuesday, April 27th -- I realized this as I was riding today. I'm feeling pretty darn good about my riding these days. My confidence is up and I actually feel competent on the bike again. Yeah, I'm not in race shape and I'm not flying up the hills, but I'm strong, solid, and my training has been pretty consistent. Still need to up the volume, but I'm working on that.

Anyways, worked with Canaan today to prepare for his time trial on Saturday. Total ride time with him was 39 minutes averaging about 11mph. Then I needed to do a recon ride on some new camp locations for this weekend, so I headed out to Portola Valley to climb Alpine (one of the most beautiful climbs in the area). Then explored Willowood and Indian Crossing (all new roads to me). Nice gentle climbing. It's great that I can now keep my climbs in zone 2 and 3 (fitness returns!).

Tomorrow I'm off to pre-ride Berkeley Hills Road Race with Lauren and Marisa.

Ride stats (including my time on the bike with Canaan) -- 2:14:02 -- 30.52 miles -- 13.9mph avg -- 34.2mph max -- AVG HR = 131, MAX HR = 149.

Oh, and I'm definitely retaining water because my ring and shoes are tight. Hopefully I can get my balances back by riding and sweating.


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