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Thursday, September 27, 2007

triathlon training day three -- ready or not here I come!

swimming.....seems to be one of those love it or hate it activities. I've heard more stories in the past week from competitive swimmers turned bike racers and (on the other end of the spectrum) folks who failed PE because of swim class (oh yeah, that was me, but there were a few more, too).

thanks to many of you in blog-land, I had some great suggestions for this weekend and some goals for today's swim training:

1 -- try out new goggles (because "real" swimmers don't swim in Seals). I get bonus points because they're PINK!

2 -- swim in a straight line. somehow I had an epiphany today and remembered how swimming "feels" and was able to really propel myself with my hands/arms/shoulders. of course, if I could tape my hands together it would be much easier to do this and I wouldn't have to remember anything.

3 -- breathe!!! and don't hyperventilate. oh yeah, the rolling part really helps here. I forgot about that, too!

since this was my third training, I kinda felt pro. I decided to swim in my new tri shorts just to try them out. they're too big, but they didn't fall down or bunch up so I'm okay. and then I put on my little wetsuit to try that out too. at first it felt pretty tight, but I was able to move and the bouyancy is pretty awesome! and then I ran back to my condo, transitioned on the patio, and jumped on the bike, just to try that out too!

okay, I'm ready. I might be the last person out of the water, but at least I'll look good with my new goggles!!!

ps -- Katie, thanks for the suggestion to swim with a camelbak -- it made all the difference in the world!

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At 9/27/2007 8:51 PM, Blogger lauren said...

the goggles are much better. very cute.

At 10/01/2007 3:49 PM, Blogger Katie Kelly said...

Whew. Thanks for the photo update. You have made my day. The goggles are HOT.

At 10/01/2007 11:37 PM, Blogger Frankie said...

Nice job up down there Lori!! I got a photo or two of you on the podium.

Frank (TWW)


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