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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

triathlon training day two

so, I swam again today. I bought a new kickboard, even though Holly confessed that she stole mine. Okay, I actually loaned it to her (several years ago). I think if someone borrows something for several years, it's now theirs (or they stole it).


swimming....such an interesting sport. doesn't it make you wonder who had the bright idea to see if humans could move their bodies through space/water? yeah! I can see it now:

caveman #1 -- look, there's a (insert name of prehistoric animal here) on the other side of that river.

caveman #2 -- grunt!

caveman #1 -- I'm hungry. let's go get that (prehistoric animal).

caveman #2 -- grunt!

caveman #1 (attempting to walk over river) -- glug, glub, glug!

caveman #2 -- grunt!

okay, that was silly.


anyways, two days of swimming under my belt, I think it's time to taper for Sunday's tri. isn't that what triathletes do? taper? well, since I'm not really getting a ton of exercise swimming, maybe I don't need to taper. maybe it would be better just to keep swimming everyday to try to restore what little technique I used to have.

I think tomorrow I'll try swimming in the wetsuit Janet loaned me. If you swim in a wetsuit in a heated pool, will you get too hot and die?


one of the women who has been participating in our Monday night mountain bike ride created a DVD about Wildflower. she gave me a copy, so I watched it last night, thinking I might pick up a few tips. I noticed that everyone does the swim freestyle. I wonder if it's okay for your very first tri to do doggie paddle. or at least breast stroke. I'm not comfortable enough with freestyle to think I can swim in a straight line and not go off course during an open water swim.


random thought for today on swimming:

you can't chew gum! this just sucks. I had one of my major salivary glands surgically removed a couple of years ago (parotid, if you must know), so my mouth gets dry if I don't chew gum. trust me on this, don't try to chew gum while swimming -- the result could be fatal.

another random thought:

my mouth/throat feels dry and scratchy. it's felt that way since swimming yesterday. is this from swimming or am I getting sick?

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At 9/26/2007 1:05 PM, Blogger lauren said...

your throat is probably sore from all the chlorine in the pool. did you swallow any by accident?

and breast stroke is a lot slower then freestyle, so you should do freestyle.

At 9/26/2007 1:07 PM, Blogger lauren said...

that picture of you in the last post is funny.

are you wearing scuba diving goggles?

At 9/26/2007 1:17 PM, Blogger velogirl said...

oh, Lauren! I'm hopeless. my goggles suck and I can't swim.

seriously, the goggles are seal swim goggles. when I went back to school, all the "real" swimmers used them. they're pretty cool but they look pretty dorky.

the whole breathing thing is what's killing me with freestyle -- I tend to hyperventilate! I guess I could try, but if I drown it's on your head...

At 9/26/2007 3:12 PM, Blogger Ippoc Amic said...

pop an airborne...marscat wanted dessert last night, and I offered her an airborne, she declined...but they help with the throat aches and they now have airborne gummy bear like things....

At 9/26/2007 3:20 PM, Blogger Katie Kelly said...

If you're in the water, how can your mouth get dry?

"Real" swimmers don't use goggles like that. No, uh uh, sorry. It's like racing with a Camelback. Oh, wait, no, bad example. :)

At 9/27/2007 8:31 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Wow, you're doing a tri. That's so cool! Good for you. I am a terrible swimmer, although I somehow managed to get certified as a lifeguard one summer.

I am with you on the whole breathing thing. I think I hold my breath and eventually when I breathe I take in tons of water.

I am friends with a former Olympic gold medal swimmer who lives in the Bay area if you need/want some coaching.

At 9/27/2007 10:42 AM, Blogger Courtenay said...

yeah it's from the chlorine. i get that too sometimes, and i sometimes start sneezing. everyone is allergic to chlorine. bleh.

i hate the tapering thing. ALTHOUGH it did give me an excuse to blow off my too-short-to-feel-purposeful workout and nap instead yesterday afternoon.

greg helped me tons with my swimming. there are so many little technique things. he had me swim a lot with flippers (regular ones, not shorties) because the faster momentum helped me learn to breathe better without sinking.

see you this weekend! although my race is saturday not sunday... so if i don't see you GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!!!!


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