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Saturday, May 12, 2007

a little whine with dinner

berkeley hills road race -- that just sucked. not much more to say except my legs hurt from the moment I got on the bike. am I not recovered? maybe not. after a demanding race last sunday I had a hard training week along with little sleep, poor nutrition, and too many hours on my feet because I scheduled 14 bike fits this week. was it the crash? I think I might've torn something in my left leg. it doesn't feel good. my hamstrings aren't engaging at all -- phooey -- and my quads just plain hurt! or was it just a bad day? or the curse of the three evil bears?

all I have to say is thank goodness there aren't very many days that my legs feel that bad. tired legs I understand. empty legs, no problem. but painful legs just plain suck.

the only redeeming aspect of the day was that even with crap legs I raced faster than the last time I did berkeley hills in 2004.

on another positive note, my girls did great!

and, I got to ride with Teddy for a bit and he gave me a packet of the new top-secret GU.

I'll post some photos soon.



At 5/12/2007 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was surprise to see you there...after doing Wildflower last week

you need some rest!

At 5/13/2007 2:16 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Wow. I rode around Paris yesterday, still waiting for DB to get his act together enough to get out of Dodge, though if I go to Plan B here (hanging out in town) it wouldn't be so bad. It's now Sunday, 11:15-ish, which means you should be asleep - but maybe not - in which case, HI!

My legs aren't tired.

At 5/14/2007 10:25 AM, Blogger CyclistRick said...

So, when do we hear the results? All I have heard so far is about Mary M. in the 35+ category.

And far be it for me to tell a pro that recovery is important. Ms. Chatterbox found your advice and direction on that quite rewarding after Madera; her first hard ride afterward she found power she did not know she had. Perhaps the mantra is" 'physician, heal thyself'.


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